miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2008


Ok so let's face it, I was ready to delete "The Steamer Pot" it's not like I have a following or anything (just yet...) but I'll give it a second shot.

I'm still hooked on the most frustrating job ever known to man kind and lately I've been evaluating myself and naturally how this junk job is affecting me and what in the world am I getting out of it. Let's see, the money? well the pay is not that awsome to say so, experience? I've been doing the same thing for over seven months already so no, connections? with whom exactly?

After this quick assesment I started wondering "If I would want things to get better here, what do I need?" and I came to the conclusion that I'm literally dragging issues since day one. You can call this my first real job, since it is my first job after university so all I care about right now is to learn, learn and learn but it's a bit hard to do that if you get stucked just doing databases right? A bit ago I heard someone say "just pay your dues and after you'll get the opportunity to do more fun stuff" and that is a pretty cool way of looking at things it means you work for something that is better and you know you'll get there but whay if there is nothing?? then what are you actually working for?? you are finding a way to just pass your time??

The main issue here is MOTIVATION, yes sir, motivation, motivation, motivation. you need to feel pumped so you can devote yourself to a task, you need to believe on it, feel useful, see the impact of your actions. If someone (this goes to all you bosses out there) feels that they are being part of something, that what they do is important and relevant you can count on that person to be willing to die for whatever task you put in front of them.

What about rewards? sometimes a "thank you" or "congratulations" or "great job" is more than enough. It is soooo important to feel that you've done something right and that people like it that you should never ever forget to say that, remember MOTIVATION.

Even if you have someone working for you, you have to sell them the idea so they can work on it otherwise, yes the'll do it, but not with the same heart and will a fueled person would do it.

martes, 27 de mayo de 2008

Blow off steam of hormonal companies

Yes people, hormonal companies do exist. What is this type of company? it is simple to identify them: companies that indulge to their employees caprices to an extent that seems ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with making everybody feel like they are part of a team but do you honestly believe this will be achieved by a pep talk that was clearly held to pretend to give everyone a place?

In my opinion whenever a company wants to recognize the effort of those who deserve it, you don't congratulate or invite the whole lot you simply single out those who were involved and congratulate them. If I didn't participate in a team that achieved something I honestly don't expect to be congratulated, further more if I am congratulated I would think that that is hypocritical. Those who did make an effort would think that still they are not being recognized so what's the point of going the extra mile?

When a company holds all this theatrical scene it only shows (to me) how easy it is to handle and how there is no real leadership behind it. How or why would anyone expect me to fight for a project or a cause when I know someone would simply tilt the head of the leader to wherever he or she would like at the end?

Hormonal companies people, they get PMS, they get blue and at the end of the day don't function as a team effort, they function out of inertia without any human valuable input behind it.

Blowing off steam from your job

This second entry refers to jobs. OK so who's had a frustrating job before? ok ok hands down. The truth is we all have been caught up in some kind of horrible stressing job that on top of all we hate. Due to the particular circumstances sometimes we can just walk out of it but a very often we can't and we feel tied down to it for the rest of our lives! Call it the difficulty of finding some other job or the different commitments (usually involving money) that we might have either way we are stucked.

Right now I find myself in a job I just HATE and the reasons for not leaving are a combination of economics, difficulty finding something cool and the fact I don't hold my law degree just yet. Something I find excruciating is the fact that some of my co-workers just don't want to do their jobs. Example: I have to go pay some fine the government imposed to the company and I need it in cash, the guy managing the cash for the day to day activities complains about it and gives me a hard time; why do I have to take his frustration? I come back to my cubicle upset and frustrated that something so simple he turned it into third world war. It's very complicated sometimes to coexist with people so different to you especially when this results in confrontation.

Two things here: If you happen to have a co-worker like mine that complains about doing what he or she is supposed to do just ignore them, whenever you know you'll have to deal with them just prepare yourself mentally, block their agressions and go there (always prepared for the worst). If they just push your buttons so hard you would like to shout at them remember not to engage and instead come in here and blow off some steam.

The steamer pot goes into business

After going back and forth in different bloging platforms (I wanted to try something different to blogger) I decided I was going to stop all that and just stick to what I knew and start the steamer pot.
The purpose of this blog is to blow off steam of the things that happen to us in our daily lives. Whenever something irritating goes on sometimes we are just unable to cope with it and start screaming about it (either internally or externally) and it can turn out to have serious consequences. Imaging blowing up in front of your boss! so that's the reason behind the steamer pot.
This is a work in progress and any commentand suggestion is very well received.
Let The Steamer Pot begin!